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CFO Services

We provide experienced CFO-level talent on an interim or permanent basis. Our Professionals work onsite, which positions us to immediately address pressing financial concerns, mentor staff, and help you make critical decisions. Example of Services:

  • Management of the finance infrastructure (accounting, treasury, finance)

  • Financial, business, and strategic planning and implementation

  • Hands-on guidance during transitions (e.g., medical leave, business integration, or leadership succession)

  • Cash flow management and projections

  • Budgeting and forecasting, including key metric benchmarking and trend analysis

  • Financial and operational improvement plans

Originate Equity and Debt Financing

Finding the right funding structure and source is vitally important. Take money from the wrong source and you may lose part of your company or find yourself locked into repayment terms that impair your growth for many years into the future.

  • Define your needs: It is critical for you to develop a clear understanding of your need. Is it money, or is something else lacking in your organization?

  • Determine your needed Balance Sheet structure and the type of money you want to raise.

    • Debt capital

    • Equity capital

    • Both

  • Find the source that fits you and your need. Develop relationships with equity capitalists, bankers, and lawyers.

  • Negotiate Your Terms.

Cash Planning and Forecasting

Cash is the blood in our business veins. It is to be revered and guarded. Without it, your business dies. To maximize cash, it takes understanding of the business cycle: amount of time needed to sell inventory, the amount of time needed to collect receivables and the length of time the company is afforded to pay its bills without incurring penalties. It takes understanding of seasonality and growth.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Exit

A recent survey discovered that 85% of entrepreneurs have no exit strategy, yet 75% have their net worth tied up in their business. For many business owners, mergers and acquisitions are uncharted territory, however, if you’re interested in an exit at some point in the future, it is critical that you keep this intention conscious, and begin to integrate it within your business goals. We provide clarity in the M&A market and understand how to maximize valuation for Exit.

Restructure and Turnaround

"Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in The Face". The great philosopher Mike Tyson


Restructure and Turnaround is about finding and providing clarity in the middle of a chaos. We understand the pressures to stabilize finances and operations to reassure all parties-in-interest that proactive steps are being taken to enhance value. We understand liquidity forecasts, improving cash flow, obtaining additional financing and negotiating loan covenant waivers and debt restructuring.

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