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We have provided hands-on, "in-the-trenches" strategic financial consulting and advisory services to business owners and individuals since 2006. Our CFO services have helped to re-build companies in many different environments, including construction, mining, convenience stores, petroleum, fast food, banking, real estate, magazine publishing and manufacturing. 

As “Business Fixers", we are passionate about taking on and fixing difficult problems. We find high-impact opportunities to improve cash flow, build profits, generate new business and increase enterprise value, specializing in restructure and reorganization projects.
Cool in crisis management, our most valuable skills are listening, finding consensus, business perception, forecasting and an accountant’s understanding and intuition. Our ability to coach to an individual's strengths helps us build teams that can reach far beyond their potential and positively transform a company's culture.


Ralph W. Pressley, CMA

• B.S., Business Administration/Accounting
     Western Carolina University

• Certified Management Accountant (#7646)

• M.B.A. Studies
     University of North Carolina/Asheville

     Missouri State University

     Western Michigan University


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